Requiring What You Can Provide

Podcasting has become a new way for media personalities to appear more personable to their audiences. In addition to having more creative freedom with their word choices and content. Now, there’s an influx of novices who have made their mark as well with content that’s just as good or greater than their predecessors. Derrick Jaxn, Tony Gaskins, Stephan Labossiere, and the infamous Kevin Samuels. Whether you love or hate these gentlemen they’ve made an impact and changed our view on the opposite sex.


Samuels was brash to some and a breath of fresh air to others. The way he was able to articulate his stern viewpoints with conviction just made people feel uncomfortable. If you’re a strong-minded person who’s not easily intimated. You’re often viewed as an asshole by many which is weird. Everyone should be able to have a difference of opinion without there being any arguments.  You can’t ask someone a question then get mad at their response. That’s asinine how are we going to evolve as people if we all think the same? We can’t change what we don’t confront.


Samuels taught us some key phrases which are going to be in our arsenal for quite some time. High-value men or high value have become a part of our everyday conversation. It’s even become something to aspire to or a way to distinguish ourselves from others. Christina Hurt was able to build a rapport with Samuel, unlike other guests who call in. She was able to articulate her views without it being a battle of the sexes.


If you paid attention to the interaction between Hurt and Samuels, Hurt never blamed anyone for the demise of their relationship. She took ownership of the failure in the relationship. Which is something that Samuels harps on quite a bit. Samuels has stated plenty of times that relationships should be about bringing your partner peace, stability, and joy.


Hurt even divulged that there were certain dating habits she wanted to break. So, she sought out a therapist to learn why she is doing certain behaviors. This is commendable for a myriad of reasons; how can you be a great partner if you’re still battling trauma? Hurt took accountability for herself which is something Samuels lamented on quite a bit. Hurt admitted that her communication skills could use polishing. She acknowledged that being oblivious to certain situations or brushing off feelings rubbed previous partners the wrong way. Hurt stated that the men in her past weren’t used to dating someone like her so it was contention. If she and her partner had a disagreement gifts or money were the ways her previous suitors tried to resolve conflict. In their eyes, they’ll think everything is ok when in actuality Hurt was still pissed at the previous situation. Other men in Hurt’s life along with Samuels have stated that discourse is a major turn-off. Women should be able to voice their dissatisfaction without nagging or being condescending.


Hurts is an established woman who’s waiting on her Boaz. Is it too much to want what every woman desires? Hurt has something that some women are aspiring to and never had financial independence. Yet, her dating life mirrors regular women who aren’t as privileged as her. Which is alarming and disheartening at the same time. Hurt is considered a high-value woman who’s young and pretty. Why are successful women like Hurt viewed as intimidating or difficult when all they want is your respect?

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