Late Nights With Desmond Raspberry

What piqued your interest in music? The interest was always there from watching my mom was in her dance group. Then, she bought a baby keyboard when I was a child which intensified it.

What genres of music would you like to do that you haven’t?  Rock music, like heavy metal the first time I attempted it things didn’t go well. It was catastrophic!  That was the worst song ever made.

Name an artist that you would love to work with, and you haven’t? The main person is Beyoncé because she’s crazy talented, just know I’ve been working hard that Parkwood entertainment knows about me. If Michael Jackson was still alive, we would be making Thriller PT II with Prince in the studio making hits.

Most people thought you wouldn’t make it this far; what tips have been passed to you for staying power? This is the part where people give up, you must know yourself. Optimism is very important in this career field; I was very studious and didn’t take any breaks.

You’ve worked with people that some would kill to be in the same room with, who are some that you’re anxious to work with. NO ID, Timberland, Swiss Beats, Pharrell, Polo Don, Kanye West.

Beat making isn’t considered a typical career choice when you explain this to your parents. How did your parents take it? My mother wasn’t a huge fan, but she supported it and my step-father used to make fun of me when I first started. I started out on an organ, so he used to be like “boy you makin that funeral music again?” My parents supported my choice they were just a little leery as any parent would be.

What type of things did you tell yourself, so you wouldn’t get discouraged? I came too far to give up, so turning back wasn’t an option. I knew that this is something that I wanted more than anything.

What odd jobs did you hold while on this career path? Warehouse gigs, washing cars at Warner Brothers’ studios; security for a lady of the night. That was the weirdest one I ever held hands down. Working regular nine to five jobs never worked for me.

What are some career goals that you have for yourself?  To be one of the best producers ever. Honestly, to be respected among my peers and have my names mentioned with the greats.

If you had a conversation with your teenage self, what advice would you give him?  Stay in shape bro, eat better, don’t let people get to you or let people sway you, avoid certain girls. Instead of being thirty trying to lose weight and developing better eating habits.

With your new-found success, how do you stay grounded? I look at this as a business; I know if I’m caught messing up then money will be lost. It’s easy to get distracted so, I make a point to stay focused.

The entertainment industry is known for being wild and drug use. How have you been able to avoid the temptation? I.e.: women, gambling, drugs  I get weirded out by aspirin, drugs was something that I was ever into. The women are cool but don’t believe the hype that rock star lifestyle its a myth.


The same way zaytoven uses his calivibes on his do you ever incorporate Tampa’s Jooks music?  Most of the music I heard you produce reminds me of the ’80s and '90s. I definitely hear your mother’s influence because my mom listened to the same thing. Absolutely, my step-dad was a funkadelic, you hear more of those on my newer sounds. My mom clubbing days were in the eighties, so you hear the Zapp, Prince, Rick James and all the big acts of that time.

What other career aspirations do you have? Like, do see yourself writing a production, musical, album etc? Just wrote my first single and want to continue writing more pieces. Definitely, want to spread my wings creatively and I want to try everything.

When you first found out that you were nominated for the Grammy, describe all those feelings and thoughts?  1. Damn, that’s crazy 2. Wonder how my friend at home is going to react 3. How’s my family going to react? I thought more about how the people around were to react, I felt validated.

With your career, it has afforded you opportunities to visit new places. Where have you been? I haven’t been out of the country yet, but I got a chance to visit New York. That experience in itself was amazing. I’ve been to Atlanta and going to Sweden for the first time to work with the artist who I got nominated with. Philadelphia is another city that I chance to visit.



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