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This franchise has made it to their second season and the world has just been introduced to this awesome cast. To those who aren’t familiar with the cast those members are: Trina, Trick Daddy, Gunplay, Veronica Vega, Prince Henry, Keyara Stone, Joy Young, Miami Tip, Bobby Lytes, Jessie Woo, Pretty Ricky, Shay Johnson, JT White , Michelle Pooch,  Steph Lecor, Malik Williams, Taylor “kitty ”Hing, Nikol “Nicky” Hing, JoJo Zarur, Young Hollywood, Liz Cifuentes, Bryant McKinnie.

This week I had a chance to catch up with some of the castmates at the season premiere, while in attendance media received an exclusive on songs that will be listed at the end of this article. In addition, to finding out more about the cast to clear up any misconceptions about them. Last season there were various topics that were brought up which aren’t normally discussed in hip-hop. So, it’s refreshing to see this dialogue being played out on screen. Listed below are the interviews from some of the castmates, I was able to meet with. I'm very grateful for their time for these Q&A's.



QK: For some people, it takes a while for them to develop their drip, when did you develop your style?

P: Confidence, it’s all about finding what works for you. My style is influenced by the women in my life. My sauce developed as I got older, as long as I felt good wearing it. No other opinions matter except my loved ones.

QK: For women, it’s a standard to keep a black dress in their closet. What’s that item for you?

P: For me, I feel like every man should have a Chelsea boot. Whether it's black or brown, gray. The material doesn’t matter but it’s a great go to.

QK: What made you get in the clubbing business; did you always know that entertainment was your lane?

P: Honestly, started because I want to get into the clubs for free.

Shay Johnson

QK: On last season you solved a lot of problems with your fists, have you learned to deal with your anger better?

SJ: When you attack me, I’m coming for you! Period!!  But you’ll see a more humanized version of me because what I’ve been through has calmed me down. The issue I faced is something that a lot of women go through.

What’s the status of your fitness line? Your body has always been banging since we first met you on LHHA.

SJ: Her fitness line had been put on hold due to her health issues and viewers will see that this season Her app is available Shay J fit and she has a website as well which is

QK: How’s her dating life going?

SJ: It’s timing for everything, I’m just going to focus on my health, and you’ll see that play out this season. If I’m not healthy I can’t focus on a man.


QK: Why did you think sobriety was an important issue to discuss?

KS: I wanted to make people feel comfortable talking able and tired of bottling it in.

QK: Why did you feel it was important to put your foot down on Gunplay’s drug abuse?

KS: I know people have problems but at the end of the day, I want to be happy myself. It was too much weight on me and choose myself over him. Our wants weren’t the same anymore.


QK: A lot of black women think they must suffer in order to achieve happiness. Did you regret choosing your self first versus staying with your partner?

KS: When you stay with a partner who’s not good for you that’s settling, and I know my worth. At the end of the day you’ll know how powerful you are, and your partner reflection of you. Happiness is everything.


One thing I didn’t like was last season they tried to make it a light skin versus dark skin. The producers missed a wonderful teaching moment about colorism. Instead they purpurate ignorant narratives especially in the times we live in. While mingling I spoke to Veronica Vega on this exact topic. She caught a lot of flak for her use for the N-word. Now, let me be clear this is something I condone at all.

The main thing I hated was how people said she wasn’t black enough. Like black folks don’t come in all hues? People need to really stop thinking that blacks and Latinos are monoliths. The more well-versed people become then ignorance can stop being perpetuated.

While speaking with the cast members. The stated that they were going to be more transparent and that’s apparent by the first episode. Each of the cast members has new music out. It’s available on all platforms and the links will be provided below.


Veronica Vega

Miami Tip

Bobby Lytes

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