Oxnard Album Review

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, then you had a taste of this album already.  Two songs were released to build the anticipation of this album and it didn’t disappoint. Which were Bubblin and ‘Til It’s Over.

His features were appropriate to compliment his sound. Some artists make the mistake of getting the hottest person out then making a terrible record, instead of staying genuine to themselves.

Paak didn’t choose the cliquish route thank god and created a wonderful piece of art. If you’re fan since the beginning of his career the progression is there, it’s not recycled cadences.  His story telling makes my heart smile especially when he reminisces on debauchery, he committed in his early adult years. Then there were other tracks that sounded like missing pages of a diary.

Stories of regret were told because his friend died too soon, and he felt that some of it was his fault. Also, how it feels to be a black person in America. Fighting the demons in your mind, the neighborhood that you live in and the bigots among us who see our black bodies as threats.

It’s relatable when you’re taking that night drive trying to clear your head.  There were a couple of records that made my friends and I burst out in laughter because of old memories. Then there were others that made you realize you aren’t alone in thoughts you have on the day to day basis. It’s refreshing to hear tracks like that instead of the normal degrading catchy tunes. This album proves why he deserves the respect of his peers.

Out of his whole track list these are my favorite tracks: Tints, Who R U? Trippy, Cheers, Sweet Chick and Left to Right because who can resist a good turn up song? The album was great overall but those were my absolute favorites. These tracks featured my favorite artist as well and the chemistry can be heard on each track.

 Some of these artists are mainstream heavyweights and others are the David Foster’s in this industry. Well known among their peers but they haven’t had that mainstream success yet. This was a great solo album and I can’t wait to hear what The Free Nationals and Paak come up with. Royals, leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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