Twenty Somethings

Like most Sza fans who are suffering withdrawals from her not dropping any music. We continue to bop CTRL and the other singles she’s released. I’ve experienced some tumultuous times in twenty eighteen. It was a consensus that it sucked for everyone. Speaking for myself I took a lot of L’s(losses).

Whenever I hear Sza’s song “twenty somethings”, I always have nostalgic thoughts about my earlier years.  The lyrics have so much truth to them.  Some people aren’t ready for that transition in life because it can be super depressing. My dirty thirty is coming and the stress is overwhelming.

I just had my high school reunion and everyone who attended has aged gracefully. We looked at old pictures of ourselves and we’re aging like wine. Then there were others weren’t so blessed to put the nicest way possible who need to stop turning up.

Society puts so much pressure on you to have certain things. I’m not going to say they’re unattainable but it’s going to be hell getting them. You’re expected to have a degree, married, great career. Back in the day things might’ve fell into place like that, but it surely doesn’t work like that now. Most employers want experience over the degree, or they want both. In the dating world, it’s a complete nightmare because most of us are too broke to date. Or, people forego standards all together.

My generation is the first generation to correct generational curses. We’re going to therapy which is something that our parent nor grandparents wouldn’t even entertain. In addition, to working out, changing our eating habits so we can live better, change our parenting habits so we can interact better with our children. These last three things that I mentioned is something everyone can vouch for. Therapy is something that I didn’t want to admit to because it’s a stigma in the black community. Being a black woman mental health isn’t a topic that is discussed at all.

Getting therapy was a pain in the ass. Having insurance should’ve made it easier, I used that still didn’t help. My insurance wasn’t accepted with most of the providers. Calling your insurance will help but I was hell bent on having a black therapist. To some this might seem insignificant, but an old white person can’t relate to me at all. So, it was very important to me that my therapist was a person of color.

Then I gave up pork and beef a couple of years ago. I’ve officially became that cousin at family functions because I don’t eat ribs anymore. When I tell everyone that I don’t want to be on a whole bunch of meds they roll their eyes.  To me it’s completely asinine to repeat the same mistakes knowing what the outcome is going to be. My preacher used to tell me that “repeating the same actions is insanity”. Working out is something that I must get back to, but everyone knows the benefits of that.

As I come to the end of my twenties, every lyric of Sza song is true. I’ve lost friends due to life or it was their time to join the kingdom. Been dead broke working jobs I hated with a passion. Learned some very costly lessons that were painful as well. Hopefully, thirty is the new twenty except you’re most prosperous and wiser.




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