Abby Jasmine

R&B is interesting place right now, there’s room for everyone.  Do we have the traditional powerhouses that we’re used to? Of course, but we also have the soft song birds who are able to leave their vulnerability on the track as well. I’m grateful for some originality.  In other genres the sound has become mundane. It’s refreshing to finally see it come into fruition, I love this new project called “Who Cares? By Abby Jasmine.


The Staten Island native might be known for comedic videos but her discography has proven that she’s definitely got the sauce.  There is a song for every mood, she definitely captured the right beats for each track. To highlight each emotion like her track “On God” is a boss up, talk your ish, empowerment record.  That record is definitely one to play whenever you need a pick me up and need a reminder of your power. “Stay with me” is a personal favorite of mine, this will definitely give you the feels.


Starting Out

Growing up Jasmine was a shy kid who was close with her family and friends.  Jasmine admitted to having a strict upbringing and having a limited number of friends. Making funny videos was a way to past time. Being the curious kid that she was Jasmine wanted to see how others would receive her videos.  That led her to social media. When she received the overwhelmingly positive reaction from those videos it led to her fostering beneficial relationships. That she wouldn’t have been able to foster without the help of social media. Social media gets a bad rap sometimes but if it’s used properly it can be really beneficial.


Creative Process

The pandemic made things a challenge in the beginning because it caused her to change her process. Self-discipline was something she had to master. Like most of us we’ve had to adjust to being at home more than normal. It’s nice to know that there is some relatability between celebs and working folks.  Once she figured out her routine though completing her album was a breeze.


When it comes to creating music, Jasmine has stated: it honestly just depends on the mood. The inspirations come from emotions. During this album, the producers and her experimented with a lot of sounds to see what they liked most. Jasmine has stated that she wants to start making more dance tracks and rapping on some tracks.


 Like most artists though she suffered a case of writer’s block, she stated that “Coneheads” was her hardest track to finish. Another challenge was overcoming people’s opinions. She didn’t want that to cloud her creativity or discourage her in anyway. In the middle of creative process, it can be detrimental where you don’t even want to finish what you started. So, I totally understood where she was coming from.



As far, Jasmine’s aesthetic goes she’s a twenty-two-year-old who’s enjoying experimenting with her looks. She loves nineties fashion, a natural face and when it comes to the eyes. Jasmine loves the metallics and bold colors. If you follow her on social media then you would see that she’s a style chameleon. She’s also not shy when it comes to hair color either. Rocking an array of colors like blue to her natural hues.  Of course, she has her team to keep her up to par but they know what she likes. 


Being a Woman in the Industry:


Women are running things right now and it’s great. Then there are times where it can get disheartening because of lack unity. When a woman is new industry her endorsement comes from a man versus men who endorse each other. It’ll be refreshing to get to a place where women help each other level up.  Jasmine has stated that there are plenty women that she’ll love to work with like Yung Baby Tate, Melli, Bia. If she could open up for any artist it’ll be Victoria Monet. She feels like there’s a lot of progression has been made but we have more to go.



The main takeaway you should get from this album is growth. Jasmine wants her fans to recognize the changes she’s went through since her Vine days, then first mixtape to now. She wants you to see her progression. In “Groovy”, “Do Better” these tracks she describes using discernment. We all have to do that keep good energy and protect our mental health. It’s no secret that people have ill intentions and they’ll use you. If we don’t do those things our energy won’t be aligned to receive the people who want well for us. This project definitely shows a woman who’s on her way to prosperity and greatness.  This album is definitely worth the add to your playlist and I highly suggest you do so.


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