The killings in Florida have a lot of people upset, but for the wrong reasons. Some are turning this into a race issue. Others are putting the total blame of this massacre on the person. No one wants to be held accountable for their actions. 

Guns don’t kill people it’s the operators that kill people. Putting a ban on these items will do nothing, but create a black market for these items, or have people going through extra lengths to obtain them. During prohibition, there was bootlegging to the excess. Fast forward to modern times, underage teens getting hold of liquor despite the legal age. There have to more repercussions for peoples' actions to make them think twice before obtaining these weapons. 

Lawmakers must combat this issue the same way they did the war on drugs. The same tenacity must be used which means confiscating these items at the border. Mainstream America didn’t really care about gun violence so long as it didn’t hit suburbia. Now that it has, everyone has gone bat-shit crazy. These are the same issue that inner-city social organizations have complained of for years. Just like anything that’s ignored; it’ll come to your front door eventually. 

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