Addressing Demons

The quote that put everyone’s undergarments in a bunch, “white men are the biggest threat to this country”There were no lies told when this statement was made yet, everyone was so upset. The first sign of guilt is anger when the truth is being told that person is always calm.

 The most recent incidents that have been caused by Caucasian men: Thousand Oaks shooting by Ian David Long, Pittsburgh synagogue by Robert Bowers, Kroger shooting in South Carolina by Gregory Alan Bush.  In Thousand Oaks, a retired US marine opened fired on the patrons while hanging out.  In Pittsburgh, Bowers shot worshippers during service where eleven people lost their life. Bush original plan was to shoot up a church when that didn’t work out, he retreated to Kroger’s killing a couple.

Whenever a violent event occurs by someone who isn’t white, the media does their best to dehumanize them. The media circulates disgusting images of minorities repeatedly. It’s a rare occurrence when media portrays minorities in the same light as their white counterparts.

When Blacks commits acts of violence their mugshots are shown versus other photos, always described as thugs or other degrading names. Middle Eastern people are described as a terrorist with ties to Al Qaeda or Isis, or religious extremist who push their ideals on others. Hispanics are described as illegals who come into the county to commit devious acts. Some might disagree with these statements but watch the news on any given evening. The youth are so scared that if they die violently, there’s a hash tag called “If they gunned me down, which picture would the use?

When whites commit heinous acts of violence, the offender is stated to have a mental disorder of some sort. Its always an image of them looking demure or some sort of innocence. Instead of labeling what it is, if they’re a sick person then it should be labeled as such. These acts of terror are from someone homegrown with an exception of September 11. Yet, there are travel bans on Muslim nations to keep up certain stigmas.

Lemon made a statement that forced people to acknowledge ugly truth in our nation. He made the whole nation have a coming to Jesus moment. Americans had to look at their selves in the mirror and realize that they’re more prejudice than they care to admit. It’s time to stop being fake news by perpetuating stereotypes and that way we can stop being afraid of one another.

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