Because of them, We can

There’s a little a girl named Parker Curry, who captured America’s hearts a few months back, when a picture of her went viral. She was visiting the Smithsonian with her mother to view the new portraits of the Obamas’. Mr. Hines was just in awe by the joy in her face.

It’s been stated that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The viral photo Mr. Hines uploaded debunked that theory because this photo had the whole nation talking. The words compiled were infinite, this photo is symbolic for a variety of reasons. For minorities it proved that our ancestors sacrifice wasn’t in vain. For women it shows that we can truly have it all, that we don’t have choose between having a career or kids.


For little girls it proves that being classy will take you far, in addition to working hard that the world can be yours.  Whenever people ask why is representation such a big deal? Look at the joy on little Parker’s face. She sees a powerful woman that looks like her mother, who has overcome every obstacle imaginable that she can aspire to one day.



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