Current Hip Hop Climate for Female Rappers

Cardi B lit social media on fire last night! It was in response to Jermaine Dupri’s comments on an interview about female rappers.  I understood both sides of the argument where each party made valid points. Honestly, I blame the industry who enables these types of rappers. I blame people like Dupri, Diddy, The-Dream who are the position to stop this debauchery and bring in quality rap. Yet, they put dollars over morality. What happened to standing up for something and not falling for anything? Did Rakim, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane teach us anything? 

Now, I do agree with Dupri about the abundance of all these dolls and their obsession with their vajayjay. I blame Nicki Minaj because she’s the ringleader and as she states “The queen of the Barbz”. Don’t come for me either! I said what I said! That last statement wasn’t a diss just a factual statement that she made. Minaj has been in the game long enough where her music should've grown to an extent and it hasn’t. When you listen to her whole discography it sounds the exact same. For you to be at the top of your craft it’s absolutely ludicrous. If you look at Nas, Jay-ZJ.Cole or Kendrick Lamar their content isn’t the same when they first came out. Now, I'm not going to discredit her or take away her accomplishments. She’s metamorphized the genre for female rappers and made it more accessible to obtain a career with over-sexualized lyrics. 

What Dupri failed to mention are all the shelved artists who have an abundance of talent. The artists who can really minister to the community. It’s too many kids thinking it's cool to do drugs, degrade themselves and walk around with no respect. I love what Cardi B did though she brought attention to those artists who might not have a huge following but they’re just as dope. Now, let’s pay homage to the female rappers who did it with class like MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Da Brat, Lisa “Left Eye "Lopes, Missy Elliot. These women were one hundred percent natural and could hang with the boys.  Those women came up in a time where your body wasn’t the only thing you had to offer because people wanted raw talent.  

Back in the eighties and nineties, it was really frowned upon of not writing your own rhymes or the ability to freestyling. You couldn’t even call yourself a rapper or lyricist if you couldn’t do both. Most artists who were popping during this time had a certain jenesequa about them because they had the ability to do both.  Artists during this time had to be really creative because they couldn’t be vulgar like artists today. There were a lot more restrictions on word play back then. We live in a time where artists allowed to say whatever they please. All rappers should thank Uncle Luke for that because the supreme court tried to take away this right.  He fought hard for his right to be as nasty he pleases.  

There’s a slew of female talent out here where they’re not vulgar at all. My personal favorites are Rapsody, Dreezy, and Melli. Here are some other dope artists like Tierra Whack, Doja Kat, Kamaiyah, Chika, Saweetie. So Cardi B was right if women talking about their hello kitty all the time upsets you then there are plenty other options. We are the consumers, meaning we can change the narrative. If we stop consuming all this junk then the executives can give us some real quality for once. 



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