Daniel Caesar and awkward kids like him

Daniel Caesar pissed off a lot off a lot of people with his drunken live today. They had a good reason to be pissed. When I saw the thread on The Shade room this morning, I was just in disbelief like the rest of black twitter.  Not only because I like his music, didn’t really know what had buddy so uptight. Until I did further research on what made him go postal in the first place.  


Caesar has been the butt of jokes lately, it all started when Dave Chappell insinuated that he was gay. Everyone knows that bullying hurts like a mother and to add black twitter to the mix would bring a furry like no other.  Here’s what started this shit storm, Caesar was defending @yesjulz. Now, the videos are attached to this article. Being an analytic person there is so much BS to unpack here. 



I never even heard of @yesjulz until today and I bet she hates the bad press she’s receiving now. Karen Civil and Scottie Beam, those queens I admire. they’ve been running ish in their respective fields and didn’t deserve the disrespect.  The first thing that needs to be addressed is the blatant towards black women and black men being enablers of this. I’m not too upset with the gentlemen giving @yesjulz a platform to explain herself. More so, platforms to openly bash others and look like some savior. Black people do not help from individuals like this in order to prosper.  It’s evident we didn’t need her assistance because we have been doing just fine without her assistance.  


Next issue is this inferiority complex that Caesar seems to possess, or it may be him being oblivious to the racial issue. Sadly, I’ve met blacks who are hella sheltered where their parents did all they could to make them think racism doesn’t exist. Some might think I’m totally out of pocket with those statements but think over your life. Haven’t you met some skin folk who weren’t kinfolk?  The other problem that no one has seemed to address is awkwardness in blacks like Caesar; please don’t misconstrue this as defending him. In no way I’m not, this is just a prime example of what happens when you don’t love one another and bully each other.   


One thing that stuck out is Caesar said he was called “soot” as a child. Glover has made similar sentiments about hurtful things said to him as a child. Being a “blerd”, my childhood was hell especially growing up in urban schools because my interests weren’t like theirs. Luckily, I had an Afrocentric HBCU mother who taught me to love my blackness, but you have others who weren’t so blessed. Even in my adulthood, I’m told by coworkers that I have white or weird interests so, some of his drunken statements I understood.  I didn’t agree with them but it’s easy to see why he feels that.

If you aren’t accepted by your own race, it’s easy to turn into Uncle Ruckus. Which for me personally is the coward way out because there are plenty other eccentric blacks in the world, hell look at Afropunk!   


He even stated that bagging black women was a problem in the day. Not to jump on black twitter’s roll here, his looks are kinda eh.  This is where his sauce should’ve came in and I blame every male in his life for not putting him up on game. Everybody knows somebody who’s not that hot in the looks department, but they make up for it with their swag. Plus, he can sing so this is something that he could've used to his advantage.  I’m just a firm believer that god gives us all a gift to bless others and we are all beautiful to someone. 


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