When Having Diarrhea Of The Mouth Goes Wrong

Halloween season is upon us, and again the nuisance of blacks having to tell whites it's not cool to wear blackface.  Last season there was no foolishness on the web and there were some unique costumes. Then this year, here comes Megyn Kelly regurgitating ignorance.

For those who don’t know who Megyn is, she used to be an anchor on Fox News network, then she got her own show on NBC called Megyn Kelly Today.  Her reason for defending the blackface practice is for a Halloween costume. She stated that if it’s a character, then it’s not offensive. She goes on to say plenty of people did it from her time, because she’s a child of the seventies.

What Kelly fails to realize is that these antics of turning minorities into costumes, does nothing but dehumanize us as whole. Being a woman in the media and reporting stories daily about how minorities are brutalized, she must see the harm that she is doing. Then she had the audacity to try apologize for her words. I’m not accepting it. She’s a knowledgeable woman who ought to know better. If there was no backlash she wouldn’t have apologized.

This isn’t the first time she’s done something this vile. There are some repercussions that she needs to feel especially since NBC gave her that big payout. This wasn't a good move for NBC, because the numbers have down ever since she’s been on the roster. 

According to Nielsen, minorities influence the culture. When Tamron Hall and Al Roker had her time slot, the show had more viewers, and the anchors were more poised. The villainizing of us in all platforms of media needs to end. It should start with more qualified journalists who can relay information to the public properly. Even if that means shaking up the executive suite, look at the events that have occurred this year. It’s a revolving cycle that needs to end. Most people’s first interaction with something foreign is through media. It’s time to hold people morally accountable for their actions so we can become better people.

Side Note: It's been stated that Al Roker is taking her slot.

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