Feminist or Misogynist?

Since the track “Snow on the bluff “dropped last night twitter has been on fire! J. Cole gave props to Noname which she truly deserves. Many are trying to cancel him stating that he’s being a misogynist by responding to her tweet.  Which Noname called out all high-profile rappers, Cole is just the only one who responded. Below is a snapshot of the lyrics to his song so you can your own inference.





Any real Cole fan knows that is absolute nonsense. There was no malicious in this song at all and I honestly didn’t find any fault it. We have too much going on in this world right now to be at war with each other. What I can commend Cole for is shining a light on Noname because this is the same chick who complained about not having black fans. *check reactions below*

She’s been advocating for our people for a minute! She’s such a dope talent that is slept on majorly! I agree with everything that she stands for like arming ourselves with knowledge. Noname is big spreading the love for reading in her community. She even provides sources where you can purchase the books. So, there is no excuse not to recirculate our black dollars.


I’m going to be quite frank; Cole isn’t canceled. He didn’t say anything degrading about black women. If this was Future then I could understand the uproar. We need as much unity as possible because there is too much going on right now. If we don’t get it together then things will get progressively worse. Let’s truly honor women like Noname, Oluwatoyin Salau by fighting patriarchy and sexism in every arena. Otherwise history will repeat itself, everyday there’s a heartbreaking story of a hanging or shooting. To be quite honest this reminds me of the sixties except in HD.

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