Florida's Soulflowers

Whenever you hear about Florida there’s some malarky about our state. Despite what Charlagmne Tha God says about us Floridians we aren’t all crazy. Of course, we’re known for all of the tourist attractions but we have the talent here as well.


There are two artists that I’ve discovered who I think are dope their names are Nemchel and Tierra Traniece. I had the opportunity to speak with the ladies.  Check out my chat with Tierra Traniece, if you don’t have her on your playlist add her ASAP!


Ms. Tierra Traniece is from Miami, Florida; she’s a rapper. The way she attacks music is refreshing.  It’s a nice mixture of trap soul, Jill Scott, and Erykah Badu. I felt all the vibes when I listening to her tracks. I always want to know the state of mind while they were writing a particular single. “Fool Me Once” is a single that spoke to my spirit! I don’t one woman who hasn’t had their heartbroken to the core. I’m talking about the type of heartbreak where you’re just ready to stunt on that f&$# boy. Like bossing up in the best way, losing those inches, getting those degrees, etc.  


Another single that I liked is 90’s RnB, it’s was a testament to the type of love a woman craves. Men know to chase a woman yet they forget to date us. They forget about courting and all the things it took to get us. She spoke about the need or desire which is a type of vulnerability I can appreciate.


Nemchel is a Haitian born singer from Vero Beach, Florida. She’s a rapper and singer who plays the guitar as well. Talk about talent! Now, she has a song for every mood! Some artists are only good at making depressing music, happy music, etc. When I listening to the catalog there is a song for every vibe. A lot of artists don’t have versatility like that. Most artists are known for their signature vibe. So, I can appreciate the fact that she hasn’t pigeon-holed herself. She has a song called “Don’t feel right” that’s a track for when you want to be in your feelings. Then there’s her get money song called “Need It” when you want to get your hustle on.


After speaking with both of these ladies they’re currently working on music. Follow their socials so you’ll be in the know. I personally can’t wait for the projects because I like what they’ve put out thus far. Here’s Nemchel’s website: www.nemchel.com and her IG is nemchel. Here’s Tiarra Traniece’s website: www.tierratraniece.com and her IG is tierratraniece. For more dope musical finds follow Queenke2008.



Stay righteous, prosperous

Queen Ke

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