Florida's Baddies

Whenever you hear about Florida there’s some malarky about our state. Despite what Charlagmne Tha God says about us Floridians we aren’t all crazy. Every day there's some controversy because the governor has done something that has upset everyone. I can speak for everyone that we need a break from that. Of course, we’re known for all of the tourist attractions but we have the talent here as well.  There are three artists I'm going to tell you about that you might even be familiar with Love Dorsey, Tierra Traniece, and Nemchel.

2021 is the new year, right?  Well, it's time to get some new artists on your playlists. There's a flavor for each type of person. For all my lyrical junkies there's Love Dorsey who hails from St. Petersburg, Florida. That's the same city as Rod Wave for those who aren't familiar. If you want a female artist who doesn't rap about her body parts all the time and this chick can actually rock the mic.  Her style resembles Rah Digga or Mia X, those chics used to go hard as any man. Y'all gonna be so happy when you add her to your playlists.

The next artist is Tierra Traniece who is a raptress as well, she hails from Miami, Florida. Her style is so unique. It’s a nice mixture of trap soul, Jill Scott, and Erykah Badu. I felt all the vibes while I listening to her tracks. “Fool Me Once” is a single that spoke to my spirit! 

Last, but certainly not least there's Nemchel who's a Haitian-born artist from Vero Beach, Florida. She plays three instruments, talk about talent! Some artists can only make certain types of music but she can sing about anything. If you look her up " Don't feel right" is a track that will give you all the feels. Then she switches it up with her track " Need it" which is a get money anthem. Everyone needs a little motivation while they're on their way to work. This perfectly illustrates her versatility as an artist.

Florida is bustling with talent and being a native it’s disheartening that no one gives my home state the respect it deserves. Hope you enjoy the selection I’ve provided you with.



Queen Ke


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