Halloween Recap

Halloween has just left us and it was a lituation to say the very least! Twitter was lit with creativity the ignorance is finally starting to lower. The only disheartening thing to see on twitter was Kim Kardashian getting dragged to wit's end. Now I'm not a fan, but black folks need to stop hollering appropriation.

The whole world knows that this family has a deep love for black culture. So, her choosing to be Aaliyah wasn’t that shocking. This costume was tastefully done, there was no excessive use of bronzer or tanning lotion. She dressed appropriately it's no different than black cosplayers. It's a major misconception about cultural appropriation and people need to learn the difference.

There is nothing wrong with paying homage to another's one culture long as it's done tastily. The main problem in this day in age is people choose sacred things to later exploit. Middle Eastern people are made fun of their traditional garb and henna art.

Yet, every year at Coachella it’s chicks wearing henna or the ceremonial stones in the middle of their head. Or black people being considered thugs or unkempt because they have dreads. Yet, whites are considered trendy, hipsters when they have theirs. All in all, this Halloween was lit! It's supposed to be a day of a fun and mischievousness. There are enough negative things going on. Focusing on the positive will move things forward

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