It's A Great Day In Tampa Bay!

It's a great day in Tampa Bay! Before that catastrophic event in Charlottesville. My city was having the same argument many cities were having about the Confederate statues. After that horrific day, many knew something had to be done. 


Hillsborough County opted to keep the statues where they were citing the reason is losing the vote (4-2), also cited costs as another reason. So, Hillsborough County Commissioners gave the city a goal, stating that the city had 30 days to raise the funds for the removal. 


There were people protesting on both sides on the significance of this issue. Those who are for keeping the statues on government premises then this was a small victory until today (8/17/17). As a woman of color, I'm proud to be a from Tampa Bay because the city rallied together to accomplish a common goal. This was a time where we had disagreements and protests without violence. 


Funds for the removal of the statue were raised by local superstars, businessmen, politicians and very own mayor donated his money. The county commissioners stated that the statues will be moved to a cemetery. To the people who are upset with the removal; there is a bright side to this the statue wasn't destroyed.  

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