Kim K An Advocate For Prison Reform?


Kim Kardashian recently met with Donald Trump to discuss prison reform. Many thought she wasn’t the right person to discuss these issues. Others commended her for doing something meaningful instead of posting nudes on our timeline. Felt compelled to write about this because people aren’t really looking at the bigger picture. Is she the ideal person for this task that's to be determined. 

Not saying I’m a fan, of hers by any means, but the sisters have all tried to redefine their images. No one hasn’t noticed that the sisters are trying to find meaningful causes. Kourtney has been trying to work with Congress about making makeup ingredients more transparent to consumers.  Meaning makeup companies will have to disclose all ingredients in products and advocating for cleaner ingredients. 

With Kim’s new-found passion for advocating for people who are wrongly imprisoned. Nothing was wrong with her trying to do something meaningful. It’s the way she went about doing it. Her recent visit felt insincere to me and some of my cohorts. Others were wondering why every time she tries to do something meaningful it’s met with hate.  When she vowed to help Cyntoia Brown with overturning her conviction, she hasn’t tried to do anything within this realm in months until now. There are others who are in the same predicament who could use her star power for freedom and changing laws. So others don’t get caught in similar situations.

The reason why this gained so much attention is her star power and the biggest narcissist are speaking of a topic that won’t change until someone else is in office. Trump has made the racists take off their hoods and reveal their true bigoted selves. He has enacted tougher policies during his tenure making imprisonment for people of color inevitable. People of color are more likely to have harsher sentences than their white counterparts. It has been reported that GOP nominated judges give black defendants three more months than nonblack defendants for similar crimes.

Trump’s nominees have rescinded policies that helped with the advancement of minorities from previous administrations. His nominee Stephanos Bibas, who is on the U.S court of appeals advocated punishing prisoners with corporal punishment like electrocuting prisoners. Another nominee Kyle Duncan, who is a judge on the 5th circuit agrees with dismantling the decision of minors being charged with life sentences without the possibility of parole, which was deemed unconstitutional.

Most of the people who have been pardoned by the president had celebrity support. Trump loves attention and the company of the worlds elite. Having those people aligned with him will make him look better to the public. So, Kardashian getting Alice Marie Johnson pardoned was easy because of who she is. My only hope going forward is that she doesn’t turn this into a media circus all about her. If this is truly her passion, then I pray that she aligns herself with all the advocacy groups who work for this cause. To the Kardashian haters, let's be happy that she’s found something else to occupy her time instead posting her nudes or countless selfies on social media.

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