Lil Nas X Wants To "Just Do It" And The World Wants Him To "Stop It"

Lil Nas X has been trolling the hell out everyone this weekend. He's been the butt of all jokes and everyone is ready to start their Cancel Tour. You know because America loves "Cancel Culture". There's a lot of ironies that need to be addressed, he's not the first time to play with antisemitism pretty sure he won't be the last. If we stay in just the hip-hop genre, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Three Six Mafia had demonic skits on their albums. DMX played with demonic imagery in his music as well. If we step out of hip-hop, let's think about musicians Marilyn Manson and KISS.

Which makes some wonder if the hate he's receiving is because he's gay and Black. Some might not agree with this stance but think about the previous artists that I mentioned. All of them are cisgender men who were known for misogynistic ways. Is it because he has the audacity to be Black and free?

It's no secret how the Black church feels about homosexuality which is synonymous with other religions as well. The only difference is the Black Church is more vocal about its disdain of homosexuality. Black kids know that there is a chance they won't be accepted by family, friends, and people in their community. Which is something Nas verbalized, experiencing the feeling of hatred with his self for a period of time because he couldn't come to grips with being different. Now, that he's confident with himself this video is him rebelling. Whenever you do something ungodly or deemed unholy the first you're told is you're going to hell. From the outside looking in it's him flipping off everyone who's ever wronged him.

Do you agree or do think he's gone entirely too far?



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