Netflix Shows Ending

Netflix is breaking hearts left and right. What are the couch surfers going to do now that their favorite shows are disappearing? Here are the shows that won’t be renewed after this year.

  • “Luke Cage “–An ex-con who fought crime in his neighborhood, to protect the helpless from the villains.
  • “Orange is the New Black”- Convicted of transporting drug money, she learns what life is like behind bars.
  • “Iron Fist”-Danny Rand resurfaces after fifteen years from a plane crash. After being in Kun Lai he’s coming to seek his destiny.
  • “All About The Washington’s”- MC Joe Speed retires from the music biz trying to balance life after
  • “The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale"- Comedy, sketch show
  • "The Break with Michelle Wolf"-Known for hosting the White House Correspondents dinner, she has a show that blends comedy with current topics.
  • "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"-Midwesterner who gets a chance to break free
  • "Seven Seconds"- Death of an African-American boy that rocks a Jersey city town
  • "Everything Sucks!"-Is about teenage misfits in  drama club and how they navigate through life
  • "Disjointed"- Pot enthusiast who runs a dispensary that encouraged her patients to get high.
  • "Lady Dynamite"-Quirky Comedienne Maria Bamford who performed various skits
  • "Love"-Couple who navigate through the various forms of intimacy
  • "Haters Back Off"- Misfit Miranda Sings who believes she’s meant to be famous, but no one knows it
  • "House of Cards"- Featuring Kevin Spacey who was a congressman that does whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • "Chelsea"-Comedienne Chelsea Handler who discussed various topics with A-list guests.
  • "Gypsy"- Therapist who gets way too attached to her patients
  • "Sense8" –in the series everyone can telepathically experience each other’s lives.
  • “Girl boss”- A broke entrepreneur who started out selling vintage clothes who became a boss
  • “The Get Down” – Takes place in the seventies when Hip-Hop first started and it's based on the history of Grand Master flash.
  • "Marco Polo"- Medieval tale based on an empire divided.
  • "Longmire":  Wyoming Sheriff who’s trying to put together the pieces after the death of his wife.
  • "Bloodline":  Things aren’t always as they seem with Rayburns.
  • "Lilyhammer": Is about a man who testified against the mafia then he enters witness protection. He wants to be relocated to Norway.
  • "Hemlock Grove": Creepy secrets arise in a quaint Pennsylvania town. Where people are dealing with all the devious sins.


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