Please Don't Pander To Gays

When Janelle Monae did her Rolling Stone interview for her upcoming album “Dirty Computer”. She revealed to the world that she’s pansexual. To me, this has become a disturbing trend among musicians whenever they have an album to release. The latest offenders who have pulled this stunt. Kehlani, Miley Cyrus, Tyler the Creator, Rita Ora are just a few.

Being a cisgender ally, many would wonder why this bothers me? Being gay is just now becoming culturally accepted in the US. In many nations it’s still outlawed, people are still ostracized from their families because of their sexuality. Any real Monae fan knows that she has loved the ladies.  If you listen to any of Monae’s past albums there were plenty of references.  Her admitting to it was just confirmation of what most knew all along. So, please don’t misconstrue this as an attack on her. It’s the other culprits’ motives that are questionable; using the gay community as a token.

The gay community has come a long way to earn the respect of cisgender people. For an artist that’s having a bi-curious moment then say that. The main reason why it seems ingenuine is the revelations are always made when they must promote something. This is equivalent to Nike making pro-black items during black history month. Like black people don’t celebrate their achievements or excellence all year?

Rita Ora just debuted a song called “Girls” which was meant to be a gender fluid summer anthem. It didn’t come across that way and the internet sounded off with their disdain. The song reminds you of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”. Reading the lyrics portray most men’s fantasy of a wild night.  If the community is advocating for inclusion, then songs like this can't be made.

There is nothing wrong with representation, but don’t make a mockery of people. The entertainment industry knows the gay community is lucrative. Which might be the reason why we see such an influx of things that the industry thinks gay people likes. Which couldn’t be further from the truth, just like there isn’t one type of black person. It isn’t one gay prototype which is why shows like “The Wire” and “The Chi” are super successful. It showcases a different type of image that’s not the usual.

Pandering to the gays is just to secure the bag is super hurtful and disrespectful. It takes a long time for people to become comfortable with themselves. Celebrities don’t get the luxury of being sexually liberated without judgement. Times have changed to certain extent as far as sexual orientation, but promiscuity is still a burning topic. With time people will become more understanding to it all.

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