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Now, the last post was all about the men and what they were cooking up. I wouldn't be a true feminist if there was no post dedicated to the ladies. The women have been holding it down for the R&B genre for quite a while so, I need to honor these ladies accordingly. Below are some tracks that I'm currently feeling.

Mahalia “Love and Compromise”:

She’s only released three tracks off this LP so far. There’s a Beanie Man sample called “Simmer” which features Burna Boy. This is my favorite out of the three because it’s a whole mood. Also, I’m just a sucker for a good dance hall song. Dance hall just makes you feel good and it’s a whole vibe that I can’t describe it’s a feeling. She’s one of the new aged R&B artists I can appreciate because she has a lil vibe that I’m digging.

Beyoncé “Brown Skin Girl”:

Beyoncé killed the “Lion King” soundtrack! This sound was dripping melanin and the motherland had been teleported to the states. People were bugging about “Black Panther” with its African influence, Queen Bey had Afro beats on the whole soundtrack. Not to mention worked with some of the biggest African artists.

Yuna “Rouge”:

I like her since the single “Crush” with Usher. Her wholesome aesthetic is something that I can appreciate because the industry is over-sexualized. It gives you a chance to focus on the actual artist and their content. She has a real soft voice like Sade it’s really soothing. This album has some nice features like Masego, Tyler The Creator, Kyle, and G-Eazy.

Ari Lennox “Shea Butter Baby”:

I’ve been infatuated with this chick since her 2016 when I first heard “Backseat” featuring Cozz. Ever since then I was intrigued because her voice is unique, and she can actually sing. Some of the new aged R&B artists when they hit high notes it doesn’t go so well but her range is impeccable. This album captured all the emotions that the average millennial woman goes through. This album could be used as a soundtrack for “Insecure”. She sings about failed dating attempts at dating which is totally relatable. I’ve never been a Tinder Bae, but these men out here have you out here just make you want to stay by yourself sometimes. She makes music for the sophistiratchets and I love her for it. My favorite tracks on this are “Whipped Cream”, “Shea Butter Baby, and “BMO”.


India Arie “Steady Love”:

This is that song meant for all the lovers or people who have found someone that they’re crazy about. She makes me wish I had my forever bae! It’s definitely a track that gets you in your feelings. You are ready to throw the white flag and say the hell with the “hot girl summer”!

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