Savage Fenty Changed Fashion Rules

Rihanna has already established herself as a fashion icon in her own right. The garments she wears always complement her body.  Certain items that she wears that would be considered hideous, she makes beautiful. When the news came out Ms. Fenty was coming out with her line, everyone clamored with anticipation.

Since her product launch there have been new standards of beauties introduced. We have seen all types of women in her campaigns. Women of all races, sizes, gaps, she brought unconventional beauty mainstream. Her muse Slick Woods is the epitome of cool and unconventional beauty. Woods has full lips, long legs, androgynous. Not too mention her style is just as edgy to match her boss’s.  

The criticism of her muse though is unwarranted, everyone is unattractive to someone. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. People must realize that beauty fades there must be some substance to you. Otherwise, you run the risk of being with someone who doesn’t value your worth. Living in an egotistical society people are obsessed with public perception of themselves.

Another reason why I’m happy about this Fenty success? She’s a black woman like myself breaking down barriers in every realm.  Her make-up is PHENOMENAL! This no exaggeration, I’m a proud owner of her foundation which provides even coverage. For women of color, buying make-up can be a nuisance, but Rihanna saved us. Now it just takes a quick trip to Sephora, when Ms. Fenty came to play she came to slay! No one woman should be caught dead looking like they used mortician’s make up anymore.

The Savage Fenty show during fashion week reminded me of the garden of eve. It just reiterates her narrative of women run the world. She had not one but two pregnant models in her show, in real risqué clothing. Proving that pregnancy can be sexy, some of the comments on the internet were disheartening but I liked how she empowered the women. Debunking the myth that all women let themselves go once they become pregnant.

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