She's Gotta Have It Recap

Netflix has remade the original film by Spike Lee ‘She’s Gotta Have It’. It’s highly suggested that anytime production companies remake films to watch the original. The original showcases a liberated feminist who refused to conform to societies standards.

In the eighties, to see a woman this liberated was pretty dope to see. The elders act like these types of women didn’t exist. Nola Darling truly walked to the beat of her own drum, and did so un-apologetically. To be brazen enough to carry her out sexual conquests and not hide it. This is very brave considering her parent’s friend was the landlord, most would’ve did their dirty deeds out of sight. Yet, her rule was she would have sex anywhere, but her bed.

In the original, they barely touched on her being bi-curious or anything of the sort. The reboot, however, showcases her having a gender fluid relationship. This woman is eight years her senior with a child. Unlike the original where she chose her prince charming or let him chose her? She did something unconventional which you’ll have to watch to figure out.

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