Top Takeaways From Black Is King

"Black is King" just dropped on Disney + and its a visual album of the "Lion King" soundtrack. Everyone has their opinions on Beyonce but I actually enjoyed it for a myriad of reasons. This film was Black AF! Many compare her to Michael Jackson and I can see why.

Jackson and Knowles both highlight Black talent in every aspect! How you might ask? Knowles hired the first Black photographer at Vogue magazine. That's just an example of her paying it forward.

Knowles showcased so many Black designers, filmmakers, and African artists. Many have been popping a while. Now that Queen B has highlighted their talents their star power has exploded.

The African symbolism of the face paint on people's faces is somewhat explained in this film. However, I took the liberty of looking into it the symbolism of each color for my own knowledge.

Black is used to display power, evil, death, and mystery, while grey indicates security, authority, and stability. Purple commonly means royalty and luxury while yellow is used for joy, energy, and warmth. Red stands for danger and blue denotes peace, calmness, and confidence. Greens are usually used for life, growth, freshness, and healing while white signifies hope, purity, and light. Symbols are visual keys that have meaning to people with a common heritage around a given symbol.

The visuals in this video were absolutely amazing! As a creative, it's hard not to appreciate this body of work. "Brown Skin Girl" is still one of my favorite songs on this album because of everything it represents. I feel like all Black parents should sing this to their children in the morning after prayer.


The cameos in this film were epic! The film has her whole family which is a major feat considering she's notoriously private. Then mister flawless skin Pharrell Williams, Lord Afrixana,Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, and Jessie Reyez. In addition to Shatta Wale, Kelly Rowland, Salatiel, Lupita Nyong'o, Aweng Ade-Chuol. She also had the queen of the runway Naomi Campbell, along with Mr. Eazi, Moonchild Sanelly, Tierra Whack, Nija Charles, Busiswa, Wizkid,Adut Akech.

Another thing she touched on was religion and the oppression we face. A lot of Blacks are craving a sense of truth or spirituality. Millennials have been leaving the church in droves for a myriad of reasons. Many feel Christianity doesn't fulfill that need for them anymore. I've seen some of my friends convert to Ifá which is apart of Yoruba religion. From what I've seen Yoruba provides a sense of belonging that most were looking for. After the year of return Blacks, now more than ever want to know their roots. 

There were so many gems dropped in this film. We would be here all day but I felt these were the most poignant ones that needed to be addressed.I have to watch it 

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