The Purple One

I’m a firm believer that God makes no mistakes. He gave us the legendary Prince Rogers Nelson in the month of June. Some might wonder why this is significant, June is black music month. It’s only fitting that the prince of rock and roll was born in a month that celebrates melaninated greatness.  For those who don’t know Prince was born on June 7, 1958. 

Some might know him for his famous shade but he was allowed to throw it. The man was multi-faceted in every sense of the word. Most people have a team around them to accomplish their hits, this legend only called his band when he felt like it.

Prince played seven instruments, composed his own music and produced it as well. He was also good at curating talent as well; think back to groups like Morris Day and The Time, Apollonia 6, and Vanity 6.  His eccentric ways laid the groundwork for musicians to be carefree today.  To say I’m thankful for his many hits is putting it lightly, my mom was a big Prince fan which rubbed off on me. What are some of your favorites? 


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