Toxic Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity


Since the beginning of time, it’s been ingrained in us that men are hunters. It was also taught that they’re supposed to be providers and producers as well. If a man isn’t these three things that I mentioned, then he’s looked down upon. These traits are illustrated in Darwinism, which I’ll sum up is an individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. Every father wants the best for their son, so it’s highly encouraged to be the best.

 Even society reiterates these gender roles where our boys are taught to be tough, strong, providers, and producers. Society tells men that they aren’t not to engage in activities that would be deemed feminine, or their masculinity will be questioned, which is ridiculous. With the legendary Prince, his life should’ve taught us that being a man who is in touch with his feminine side is possible. This man was a legend in the ladies’ department. He had plenty aunties sweating out their blowouts back in the day. Then you have Elton John who is still influencing the culture and he’s gay. John is known for elaborate outfits and accessories. Some might question that these comparisons as a stretch but look at The Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Wiz Khalifa, and Russell Westbrook. These men are known for their fashions that make people scratch their heads.

Everyone is judgmental to a certain extent, some people just it entirely too far. Even though everyone wasn’t as I was, and taught to judge people based on their character, not based off what you heard or see, because you can miss out on a lot of good people that way.

Women don’t like being judged on their appearances, so we can’t judge men for the things that they do. Women also don’t like it when men judge us by the company, we keep either. Which brings me to my next point, there was a tweet insinuating that Prince is gay because he’s friends with Bobby Lytes. This is juvenile on so many levels, being gay isn’t a phase or a disease. Cisgender people need to understand that just because a person is gay doesn’t mean they want you.

 Speaking as a cisgender woman, I don’t want every man that I see. So, why do cisgender people think that gay people want every person that they interact with? That’s a naïve generalization to make and very offensive as well. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable enough with your sexuality to be around all people like pansexual, polyamorous, bisexual etc.

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