Toxic Relationships And Misogyny

Ariana Grande has been in the headlines for the last days because of break up with rapper Mac Miller. The pair were together for almost two years and fans were sad to see them part.  Grande has the reputation of being a sweetheart and Miller is kind of a bad boy.

It was alleged that Miller has a substance abuse problem which caused the break-up. If this is true, it’s totally understandable why Grande removed herself from this toxic situation. Being in a relationship with someone who self-harms is mentally and physically draining. You can’t make them want to get clean that’s a choice they have to decide on their own. So, when men posted these misogynic statements like these:

21 May

Mac Miller totaling his G wagon and getting a DUI after Ariana Grande dumped him for another dude after he poured his heart out on a ten-song album to her called the divine feminine is just the most heartbreaking thing happening in Hollywood



Then Grande responded below:

Despite her eloquent response, it shows how much further we must go as a culture. Why is it expected for women to stay in toxic relationships if they don’t have to? Most people stay in toxic relationships for economic reasons. Eventually having a moment of clarity and leave. Grande made some valid points though, you can help a person all you want if they don’t want their sobriety you can’t want it for them. The substance abuser will have to hit rock bottom and then decide for themselves if they want to continue their lifestyle. Or realize the error in their ways, what they’ve lost.

Which is bring me back to the original question, why should the woman stay when their partner has no intentions of bettering their selves? It’s no secret that the US is a patriarchal nation, but this is something that applies to both sexes. There is no justifiable reason to stay in a toxic relationship sacrificing your well-being. Women are constantly being condoned for having this epiphany, but men can leave with no judgment. Men are constantly being told that if their partner isn’t worthy of their affection then they need to leave. Men do this all the time and they aren’t judged for leaving.

The times we live in now drug use is glamourized. People love to ignore the ramifications of their actions, what will take to hold them accountable? Tough love is needed to help bring that person out of their addiction. So, Royals do you fault Grande for leaving or did she make a boss lady move?


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