When Your Hard Work Starts To Flourish

In the Hip-hop world most people consider South Florida the hub for talent. Not realizing that there is talent all of the state. Look at R.LUM.R he’s from Bradenton, Desmond Raspberry who’s a Grammy-nominated producer from Tampa or award-winning Damian Williams a.k.a DJ Swift who produces for NBA Youngboy. What people fail to realize is that Central Florida is popping as well. We have artists that are on the rise as well like Gat$, Yung Dred, Cheeks Bossman, Jax, and Pushapremme.

These indie artists that I mentioned are successful in their own right. They have achieved commercial success. People think that the only way to achieve success is moving to LA or New York. What most fail to realize is that if you don’t have the sauce, you wont make it in any location. You’ll just be a minnow swimming in a school of fish.

Watching Pushapreme and Jax being rewarded for their arduous efforts should make everyone feel good. It’ll let the world know Miami isn’t the only city with talent. If we rally around these artists it can open the doors for more talent. Look at what these men accomplished they opened up for Gunna and Madeneintyo earlier this year. Now Jax and Pushapremme are opening up for Saint Jhn which is a big deal.

 Saint Jhn’s year has been a great one with chart-topping singles. Like his single “Trap” featuring Lil Baby, “Ghetto Lenny” and “Trophies”. Not to mention he was featured on Queen Bee aka Beyoncé's “Brown Skin Girl” which is on “The Lion King” soundtrack. Pushapreme has some songs that deserve a listen so check these out: “May Say”, “Heaven at Night”, “John Wall”.  Jax also has a nice track list as well, here are some of his singles: “All In”,” Finer Things” and “Catch Me If You Can”. This concert will to be in Orlando, Fl at Celine.  If you have never heard of these artists. Definitely update your playlist with their music you won't regret it. If you have an iPhone these artists all have their music on iTunes.  For Android users their music is available there as well. Here’s the link for tickets: (https://orlando.ticketoffices.com/venues/celine-orlando-tickets/SAINt+JHN?kclid=_kenshoo_clickid_&msclkid=94bf5e08884318b72f7e03b397715433&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Celine%20Orlando%20-%20Orlando%20%20events%20(e20363)&utm_term=%2Bsaint%20%2Bjhn%%20events%20(e20363)&utm_term=%2Bsaint%20%2Bjhn%20%2Borlando&utm_content=11%2F07%2F2019%20%20SAINt%20JHN%20-%2020363-3265827-E




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  • Ive been following push for a while now, that guy is super genuine and low key a genius!!!

    • Sidique B