XXXtentacion's Death

With the recent death of XXXtentacion, I have felt a variety of emotions.  For some reason, I feel a lot of anger and sadness. Not saying I knew him personally, but no one deserves to die like that. Everyone is so bipolar, and I would be remiss not to call out the hypocrisy. The whole time he was alive the media did whatever they could to destroy him.  His peers were just as fickle; when you paid attention to his lyrics the depression was obvious.

By no means am I condoning any of his actions but the way he died was inhumane. It was obvious that shots were fired, instead of calling the police or resuscitating him people watched. Times have clearly changed where people are so enamored with their phones and making every moment viral. Some things should be left to the imagination. Which brings me to my next point, when minorities are killed the moments are played repeatedly in media. White people are never disrespected in such a manner and why should minorities be any different?

The tributes to him were mixed there were people who didn’t like him when he was alive. Others felt like they lost a patriot. Allow me to elaborate on that last statement, most of his fans connected to him because they were able to rationalize their feelings. XXXtentacion made it easier to talk about uncomfortable topics like suicide, depression, abandonment. In the rap culture, he was an anomaly, he combined rap with rock. In addition, to giving minority kids a voice where they’ve been muted for so long. Mental health is a topic that no one likes to discuss yet it gets worse at a rapid rate. The CDC has already stated that the rate for suicides is up thirty percent! Just this year alone!

Some celebrities came to his defense with valid arguments, but many people still attacked those celebs. Jidenna, in particular, because he likened XXXtentacion to Malcolm X and Maya Angelou. Which he was correct if those influential figures would’ve died when they were in their mess than we wouldn’t hold them in such high regard. XXXtentacion had a lot of issues which he was in the process of resolving, yet he’ll never have the opportunity to rectify his image. One thing that people didn’t give him credit for accountability. He never blamed anyone for his problems and addressed those issues head-on.

The accusations of him beating his ex were addressed in the song “Rolling Peace” ft Kodiak Black.  His social media presence from the beginning to his untimely death had completely changed. His main concern was keeping out of trouble. The laws in Florida are strict, the charges he had there was no room for error. If had gotten a speeding ticket that’s a one-way ticket to jail. It was obvious that he was tired of being the villain and wanted to move on with his life.

With his recent video “Sad” it proves that he was fighting with his demons on the daily. XXxtentacion putting his flaws on full display is the bravest thing ever. Most people are very cowardly to say, “hey I’m not well” or “I don’t know how to be brave and address my problems”. His death has also made people show their true colors, the elders taught us that “you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead”.  Since his death they’ve tried dehumanizing him not highlight the good he’s done. Brock Turner has been proven to be a vile person and media still give humanizes him?

The main disheartening thing to see was the outpour of love after his death. This was something he predicted and was absolutely correct. People shouldn’t wait until their loved ones are dead to show their true feelings. It only takes a few moments out your day to check on someone who’s going through tough a time.


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