The killings in Florida have a lot of people upset, but for the wrong reasons. Some are turning this into a race issue. Others are putting the total blame of this massacre on the person. No one wants to be held accountable for their actions. 

Guns don’t kill people it’s the operators that kill people. Putting a ban on these items will do nothing, but create a black market for these items, or have people going through extra lengths to obtain them. During prohibition, there was bootlegging to the excess. Fast forward to modern times, underage teens getting hold...

What Black Panther Means To Black America?

What Black Panther means for black America? This means so much to blacks because there haven’t been all black casts since the blaxploitation era. The last action film featuring a black lead didn’t have great reviews and the plot was subpar. With Black Panther, it received a perfect score with critics. This is a film with dark-skinned leads where we aren’t featured as anything derogatory like a pimp, whore or slave. It’s awesome to have a superhero the same hue as you.

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She's Gotta Have It Recap

She's Gotta Have It Recap

Netflix has remade the original film by Spike Lee ‘She’s Gotta Have It’. It’s highly suggested that anytime production companies remake films to watch the original. The original showcases a liberated feminist who refused to conform to societies standards.

In the eighties, to see a woman this liberated was pretty dope to see. The elders act like these types of women didn’t exist. Nola Darling truly walked to the beat of her own drum, and did so un-apologetically. To be brazen enough to carry her out sexual conquests and not hide it. This is very brave considering her parent’s friend was the...

Guns In schools

The Parkland Shooting has riled up a lot of people's emotions and rightfully so. School shootings shouldn't be something normal, yet it is. This shooting has now made history as one of the deadliest school shootings. Before Columbine was considered the most catastrophic. Now, Parkland has been ranked in the 10 deadliest mass shootings. There have been many cries for gun control, like banning assault weapons, but those calls have gone unanswered.

Now there is ludicrous proposition stating that teachers should be armed with weapons. There are so many things that can go wrong. Even though I'm not a parent,...

H&M Parents

In the great words of Maya Angelou, “when someone shows you who they are believe them.” It’s plenty of white of folks who see black people as inferior hence our current leaders. So, when H&M latest ad came out, I was mad but not shocked because what is going to take for black people to spend with our own. Another great question that everyone failed to ask during this whole shoot. Where were the child parents?

Black people love to get mad at white people but in this instance, there is enough blame to around. If the child was with...