Melanin Was Popping In 2017

Viola Davis is the first black actress to get three Oscar nominations. She won best supporting actress for "Fences".

 Lena Waithe won an Emmy for her coming out story in “Master of None”

Tiffany Haddish was the first black woman to host SNL. As a result, of her break out role in “Girls Trip”.

Edward Enninful is Vogue’s first black man to be editor in chief.

Andrea Jenkins is the first Black Transgender woman to serve on Minneapolis City Council.

Cardi B made history with her hit single "Bodak Yellow", it was number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Making...

Halloween Recap

Halloween has just left us and it was a lituation to say the very least! Twitter was lit with creativity the ignorance is finally starting to lower. The only disheartening thing to see on twitter was Kim Kardashian getting dragged to wit's end. Now I'm not a fan, but black folks need to stop hollering appropriation.

The whole world knows that this family has a deep love for black culture. So, her choosing to be Aaliyah wasn’t that shocking. This costume was tastefully done, there was no excessive use of bronzer or tanning lotion. She dressed appropriately it's no different...

It's A Great Day In Tampa Bay!

It's a great day in Tampa Bay! Before that catastrophic event in Charlottesville. My city was having the same argument many cities were having about the Confederate statues. After that horrific day, many knew something had to be done. 


Hillsborough County opted to keep the statues where they were citing the reason is losing the vote (4-2), also cited costs as another reason. So, Hillsborough County Commissioners gave the city a goal, stating that the city had 30 days to raise the funds for the removal. 


There were people protesting on both sides on the significance of this issue. Those who...