About Time !

I just saw Girls Trip, I know that I'm mad late, but the theaters were sold out in my area were sold out. This movie oozed black girl magic because it displayed real women. The magic was obviously popping because they had the highest grossing weekend.

I loved how Will Packer changed the black girl narrative. I don't think most people caught it. In most black films the successful black girl is normally light skinned or she's displayed as more demure. In the film that role was played by a brown skin babe. Now some might think I'm bugging but look at the most successful black films: Coming To America, House Party, Just Wright etc.

This was refreshing being a brown skinned woman. Also debunking the myth that dark women are loud and obnoxious. It was an accurate depiction of today's black woman. Not what you see on Love& Hip Hop where being educated isn't valued. There are women who do well in their line of work. In addition to other women still figuring it out. I was just happy to see main stream display what most already knew.

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