Amara La Negra Breakfast Club Interview

The Breakfast Club just had Amara La Negra as a guest recently. The main premise of her being on that show was to give her exposure, so she can become a crossover artist. She’s on this season of Love & Hip-Hop Miami. The reason why she’s been on the tip of everyone’s tongues lately is that she brought attention to an issue that isn’t spoken about much. Colorism within the Hispanic community.

When colorism is brought up it’s normally generalized with black people. Yet there are other nationalities who deal with these stigmas as well. The thing that is admiral about her is she is using her platform to unify and educate. Rather than degrade others she wants to address the elephant in the room which is commendable. There are some entertainers who refrain to speak on the issues with their communities.

Representation matters and this viral photo listed below is evidence why this must continue.


 So, after watching this interview it was really disheartening to see this interview unfold. Amara La Negra was attacked again just like she was on the internet. Granted it must be annoying to constantly defend your ethnicity.  She never once denied her blackness or being a Latina. People really aren’t aware of the colonization of slaves in Latin American countries. Meaning that the same way that white slave masters raped their slaves, the Latin ones did the same. Resulting in mixed-race people, hence why Latinos and Black people have various hues.

Amara La Negra wasn’t the first guest to educate the panel on being an Afro-Latina either. They’ve had guests like Dascha Polanco, as well who bring attention to the disparity. The main reason why they’re so vocal about this issue is that in their countries “black face” is still used. This is something that we haven’t seen since the Jim Crow era. Black entertainers don’t get a chance to become broadcasters, actors or other personalities in media based off skin color. White washing is a pandemic in those nations which as brought up by her. She wanted to be an example because even though we have a way to go in the states. It’s still a lot further than other places in the world.




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