Angelica Ross Pops Off!!

Angelica Ross had a complete hissy fit on social media this weekend. She felt that trans-women were excluded from Black Girls Rock this past weekend. Not to say her feelings were invalid but how can she diminish the accomplishments of the other women?  

Seems a bit unfair, especially since this same energy wasn’t expressed at the SAG Awards. If she wants to fight for visibility then her anger needs to be directed at everyone. Not everyone is well-versed on the transgendered lifestyle. Most people are just reaching a stage of tolerance. In the minority community, we are light years behind our white counterparts as far as acceptance.  

It’s getting better in minority households for children to come out but it’s nowhere as easy as white households. Minority parents have utilized therapy for dealing with their gay children. Years ago this was unheard of.  This shows progression being made in the right direction. 


For Ross to say that BET ignores LGBT accomplishments isn’t true. Lena Waithe is gay and she’s been flourishing on their network. Waithe is also out and proud. Another LGBT member who’s been flourishing on BET is Janelle Monae. Her music is on rotation on all BET platforms.   

Do I commend Ross for bringing attention to an issue that’s been ignored for a long time? Of course! Just this year alone seventeen black transgender women have died. Last year it was twenty-eight lives. So, instead of directing her anger at black people, why doesn’t she direct some at the white gays? Anyone who is affiliated with gay culture knows that the community is very segregated and racist. Is Ross wanting acceptance from her own community?  


I sympathize with those feelings. I’m pretty sure she has that because look at how the black community treats Lavern Cox and Amina Scott. So, for her to say there has been no progression is unfair. Does the black community need education on what it means to be transgender, absolutely. That’s where she should start, Ross is on one of the biggest shows on tv. If trans-lives matter to her, like she says they do, then attack the problem this way. She has the worlds attention right now. Unless someone has affiliation with the community directly then they’re oblivious to the community’s problem. It’s no different than a white person who has never been around black people. Please don’t misconstrue this as an attack on anyone, I rather unify than divide. I’m a firm believer that we can agree to disagree and still coexist. 


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