Attacks Against Black LBGT

With trans ban looming the LGBTQ military community. This is a perfect time for white trans people to unite with POC who are trans as well. Between the bigotry and violence, this community faces they can get more done by getting rid of the separatism.

In a climate where hate and ignorance run rampant; the only thing that can combat this is love. The way this country rallied agent orange and his minions of hate. This type of unity is needed to get the respect that's deserved within the community.

With the trans ban being postponed for the LGBTQ community, there is another issue that needs to be addressed which is violence against Transwomen of color. It's rare that you hear about violence against white trans women. If there is true sincerity of making thing better for the community. Then people should be informed about these things.

Another thing that isn't spoken about much is whether there is violence against trans men. LGBTQ want people to fully understand the wrath their community faces. Yet, the public isn't fully informed of everything that transpired. Just in the year 2017, 20 Transwomen of color have been murdered this year.

Last year there were 27 transwomen killed. The sickening part about this issue is when it happens, the news is stated on social media or LGBTQ sites. I have yet to hear about this on a major news publication, which shouldn’t be the case. If we want full comprehension of the trans lifestyle then all aspects need to be highlighted.

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