Can Nail Polish Ever Be Normalized?

 I read an article called “Can Nail Polish For Men Ever Be Normalized? “being a writer, you can pull inspiration from other writers. This article really inspired me to expound a bit because gender norms are changing. The writer and I shared a lot of the same sentiments, except she left out the race factor which is something she failed to divulge.

Men wearing feminine items isn’t anything new. If you look back at the Victorian era or during the Egyptian era, they wore makeup and other feminine items. During the foundation of this county, we live in the men wore wigs and make-up. What she didn’t bring-up is the race factor, in the minority community, it’s looked down upon for men to super feminine.

Being a black man has never been easy since the arrival in this country. White America has done whatever they can to try and break our men. Yet, they still prevail and remain strong in spite of. That’s why it's really heartbreaking to our elders when our men do things outside the norm. Our elders have to understand that it’s ok to evolve as people. Our fashion choices don’t make us less than nor does it make us immune to our struggles either. There are some men who have proven that you can still be masculine but in tune with your feminine side.

A man who truly embodied androgyny is Prince. No introduction is needed and he’s birthed all our faves. Prince was truly ahead of his time. Look at all the men who are emulating him now, Lil Pump was just on Instagram stating he’s only wearing heels from now on. Really? You’re definitely not the first to do this buddy. If it wasn’t for Prince being so comfortable in his own skin, having no care in the world about people's thoughts. Black men wouldn’t have stepped out their zone until they saw the freedom and women he attained.

Lenny Kravitz made it cool for black boys to paint their nails. Before this was viewed as a “white boy” thing. Kravitz gave younger black kids visibility especially if they were too young for Jimi Hendrix. Everything about this man embodies androgyny and gender-bending norms. Kravitz truly walks to the beat of his own drum.

Andre 3000 and Pharrell are another pair of individuals who wear nail polish and feminine items. These men have worn dresses as well.  Since these are two men who are very influential in their fields. Blame is put on them for corrupting the youth per se. Even though this may have some truth to it, there is a thing called free will. What happened to accountability? We are accountable for our own actions. Most black people’s issues with black men doing this is the correlation to homosexuality. Fashion doesn’t make you gay! I wish people would get this through their skulls! If you’re that insecure about your sexuality then something is seriously wrong with you.

No one bats an eye when women wear men’s clothing. Fashion is supposed to be about self-expression and long as that person isn’t hurting anyone. Who cares! I truly think we are past caring about men wearing nail polish. Covergirl had James Charles as the face of their makeup campaign. People can live in non-conforming times men are the faces of female beauty campaigns.

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