Can't I Be Bad, Boujee and Healthy Too?

Why is it considered “boujee” when trying to eat well, or change lifestyle habits?

There has been a wave of consciousness within the last ten years, where minorities have come to the conclusion that many foods we grew up eating are no longer good for us. 

There are a variety of lifestyle choices: Paleo, Pescatarian, Veganism, etc; so why is it that when we tell our family members about these alternative healthy lifestyles, we get strange stares? Or, become “that person in the family”?

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Even some our friends look at us like we’re crazy; but, when I express my new desires to my woke black and white friends, I’m applauded. It makes me wonder: is this case of ignorance, or a merely case of differing opinions? 

Weren’t we taught,”if you knew better, you’d do better”? Yet, we eat into our damnation.

Minorities are at the highest risk for heart disease and other serious ailments; yet, a majority of our generation still refuse to practice better-eating habits. I’m sure we can all identify many family members with serious diseases that are linked to poor dieting/eating habits.


“So why do it”?- that is the million dollar question.Granted, we will all die someday, but I refuse to go out like that.


Going on this journey(for me) wasn’t hard because I committed to it right after I fasted. After participating in The “Daniel’s Fast”, made it easier to wean myself off pork and beef.The only thing that I find challenging sometimes is not getting burnt out on chicken, as seafood can become quite expensive.


Although choosing a healthier lifestyle can be a little more expensive, you can’t put a price on your life or ease of mind. Moreover, couponing, meal planning/prepping can help bring the costs down.

Some people visit you pick farms, or grow their produce to cut costs. When I speak with other people who have chosen the healthier dieting route, I hear the same thing: it depends on how you start to be successful. Start gradually, research and make Pinterest your best friend.


As people of color, we shouldn’t knock our next sister or brother for being aware. Encourage them for trying to better themselves. It’s about time we destroy the “crabs in a bucket” mentality because we have bigger issues to tackle in the world. We can’t get mad at our vanilla friends for trying to create dissention among us.

When we do a good job of that on our own–that’d be hypocritical.




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