Double Standards

  With Colin Kapernick still remaining unsigned makes you wonder, if there’s serious repercussions for being conscious.  Speaking as a black woman it has been ingrained in us, that we have to be twice as good in every aspect of life. Yes, he didn’t produce as much this season to downplay the backlash from bigoted fans. What do I mean by that last statement? I’ll explain in full detail what I meant; when you’re great in your field, then antics pulled outside of work could be overlooked.

         Prime example that can be used is when Ray Lewis was accused of murder. Yes they spoke badly about him for quite some time. Name was constantly in the papers, degrading statements were all over the airwaves. Then he got the sweetest revenge on all who spoke badly about him, the trial acquittal so he was vindicated.  So when he started performing well, all was forgiven long as he made the owners some money.

  Guess that saying is true about good or bad press equates big dollars.

Not too mention his team won the super bowl the following year.  He continued to dominate on the field to become one of the most respected defensive linemen.

Another example is Kobe Bryant; this man was accused of rape. Another black man at the height of his career, caught in a precarious position especially being a married man. He was in Colorado in rehab for an injury which turned into a battle of he said/she said. Bryant was only acquitted because his defendant didn’t want to testify against him.

               Yet Bryant similar to Lewis still produced greatly so is forgiveness only given when you’re great?

      Then when athletes make personal political statements that don’t agree with social norms, players are vilified.   How dare they speak out on social issues, yet these people are held up to higher standards than most politicians. Athletes are told to be an example to children, are constantly being told uphold morals and integrity.

               Then when you have players who exhibit those same morals, they’re ostracized for being an example.

One, in particular, is Muhammad Ali, he refused to fight in the Vietnam War. What he did was brave, commendable, bold; some athletes would have terrified to do such an act. This man was at the height of his career but he chooses morals over dollars.  He knew that his integrity, self-worth, and religion demanded more of him.

     So when it comes it comes to black athletes, white America only wants one thing which is greatness.  Opinions are only warranted when they fall in line with the majority opinion. These aren’t assumptions its factual statements.

        When blacks protests we’re called thugs, rowdy, belligerent beings; no matter how we protest. You have Tomi Lauren, who has made a career by blatantly lying on the works of Black Live Matter and Colin Kapernick.


 Instead of reporting on the facts, she reported lies or twisted the truth. Making it difficult for people can make informative decisions, also to stop perpetuating ignorance and hate.

At least Kapernick knew this day was coming and he got the conversation started.  The NFL is a billion-dollar business with millions of eyes that pay attention. It was an unconventional yet innovative because he was silent.  He made the whole nation pay attention willingly or unwillingly This man managed to get praises and insults from two different presidents! So will this shape the standards for stars?

We demand ethics, morals, standards from these people and the minute stars deviate fans are outraged.  When are we going to honor them for holding up their end of the bargain?

Are their outlandish salaries enough compensation or start treating them like they’re actual human beings.

The idolatry amongst our population is a bit drastic, it’s forgotten that at the end of the day these athletes are people who get paid to do something they love doing.

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