Gabby and D.Wade

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have been considered couple goals for quite some time now.  These two bounced back from their marriages which is pretty commendable. This couple is constantly complimented for how well Union accepted his children. Also, for how they totally let their kids express themselves despite public criticism. 

Being a Black is an arduous task on a day to day basis but it’s elite club that I thoroughly enjoy being a member of. A Black man with elitism and an exorbitant amount money has to be even more difficult. So, I can sympathize with Wade when he says leave his family alone. The parents are public figures and their kids should be exempt from public scrutiny. We live in different times now, where people have no decency. They talk smack about everybody from your grandma to your children.  What Wade Is doing commendable because he’s doing what most Black men are scared to do. Which is allowing his kids to be their authentic selves. Normally, this type of support is shown by the mother.  

To see a Black dad publicly embrace his gay son; Do you know how that powerful that is? In the LGBT community Black kids are kicked out their homes more than any other ethnicity. Black people are the most religious people on the planet. We are so hateful towards one another to the point its nauseating.  

Just because someone doesn’t share the same ideals as you, doesn’t give you the right to treat them poorly. When I shared my sentiments on homosexuality with my Christian friends, they felt the need to attack me. I read the same bible as them with that being said, it’s not my job to judge anyone on how they live their life. My responsibility as a Christian is to love them in spite of. 

Which is what really pissed me off with everyone going H.A.M on the Wades. First, this isn't our family so the mean comments weren't warranted. Next, it’s way too many black kids killing themselves because they know that their family won’t accept them.  

Suicide among Black youth is increasing at an alarming rate. These rates have rose to 73% compared to white teens. We might not like the youth’s decisions but we should support them no matter what. As Black people we have to create more dialogue in the home, become more compassionate towards one another. Otherwise, we are going to live in constant chaos and things will get worse. 



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