Hot Girl Summer

The city girls are feminists we didn’t know we needed. Sure, they’re a bit crass at times, and they don’t articulate their thoughts properly; yet, their unapologetic, carefree attitude is what grabbed the people’s interest. They say the things most people don’t have the courage to say but need to hear.  Let’s start with their breakout bar on Drake’s “Nice for What”: “fuck that Netflix and chill, what’s your net worth?”

 Many would say this is a gold-digger mentality, but there two types of women in the world: women who sleep with men with nothing to show for it, and those who are taken care of. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but every girlfriend has shamed their girlfriend for sleeping with a broke man.  


Meg the Stallion is another feminist who took the world by storm. She’s done what most black women get shamed for: playing the game like a man would do to a woman.  Meg the Stallion might not identify as a feminist, but she’s been on her boss girl swag. Stallion took Steve Harvey’s advice on “Think like a man, act like a lady” quite literally!


Meg has no problem letting men know up front, to have condoms and cash ready. You have to respect a person who’s that honest with their intentions, instead of wasting your time. Stallion has proven that a woman can do all four: be sexually liberated, take care of home, be educated, and STILL get the bag!


There was a time when women were not as vocal about their sexual desires; frankly, it was really frowned upon. It’s honestly ridiculous. How else was a relationship supposed to flourish if our intentions weren't made clear? Looking at the current trends in today’s society, it definitely shows that times are changing--people are getting a lot more comfortable with casual sex. If a casual thing is what you’re after, like casual sex, or even if you desire a relationship--these things should be expressed upfront.


I have a strong disdain for men slut shaming women for just wanting sex. Doesn’t it save everyone trouble when everyone is on the same page? When everyone’s intentions are all out on the table? When the messages are perfectly clear? The only important thing that everyone must remember is latex makes for great sex. Karma is very real, so be honest!


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