Being disciplined in public wasn’t something frowned upon twenty years ago? Now times have changed, people either are too scared to do or use unconventional ways to do so.  Every day there are videos being uploaded of parents degrading their children. Then there are parents who don’t want to discipline their children at all in fear of being arrested.

Think of an instance when you’re shopping, the mom lets the kid runs all over the place. Or throwing a temper tantrum and you’re thinking that the parent needs to reprimand their kid. Only a few will admit this out loud because they fear judgment. There is a standard that needs to be set for how children should act when they’re out with their parents or suffer the consequences.

Public humiliation can have damaging effects on any person. It’s no secret that most people live their lives online, but some things should be left private. When parents do this the dynamic of the relationship is going to change. Their child might not have that same level of trust as before.

 Let me first start off by stating that I’m not trying to tell anyone how to parent their children. At the same token though, there are way too many children getting in trouble with the law. In addition, to them taking their lives as well. Just writing this article from a place of frustration because of the foolishness that appears on my newsfeed. I come from a generation that everybody looks out for everybody. Kids mind their elders and children knew their place.

So, when I see parents doing this to their children, I’m flabbergasted because that child is apart of you. I understand the punishing but to intentionally hurt them? This part is incomprehensible, the point of punishing your children is to make them regret their actions so it won’t happen again.

Kids are cruel; even when parents advise them of right from wrong. Peer pressure takes over then kids do things that they normally wouldn’t.


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