Importance Of Detroit Riots

There's a movie coming out that chronicles an important time in the sixties. This event showcases the prejudices Blacks face which hasn't dissipated. It was an event that I was never taught in school but was grateful to learn about.  


This event occurred because police were called to a disturbance at a bar. There were a group of servicemen who just got back home partying with white women. This angered the police resulting in the beating and mutilation of teens.  


This event is another example of the mistreatment of minorities by police. It's a pertinent part of this country's history which further proves police brutality isn't a figment of the imagination. It also shows what happens to people who pushed too far. This unrest was caused because of social tension, unemployment, unfavorable living conditions. 


History has a tendency of repeating itself and with the current political climate. I pray that this event never repeats it's self for a number of reasons. Detroit took decades to get restored from all the damage. This riot made the top 5 for deadliest and costliest riots ever. It came in at number 3 in comparison to the New York Draft Riots of 1863 and the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 which caused more damage. In addition to the lives that were lost because of ignorance and people not being held accountable for their actions.  Hopefully, this movie will showcase that white privilege isn't a myth.


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