Issa Rae is the millennial whisperer, she’s able to articulate the struggles that we go through beautifully. If you haven't watched “Insecure” then you’re missing out. Minorities finally can see themselves projected in a positive light. Too many times we see negative portrayals of our races. This show doesn’t make a caricature of Blacks, Latinos or Asians.

Insecure is in its fourth season, which has set twitter a blaze for a myriad of reasons. It’s tackling pivotal moments that you go through in life. So, people are really connecting with season and I can fully understand why.

Millennials are at that stage where some of their friends are just partying and working. Where others have found their forever bae and they’re trying to start a family. Then they’re some who are just trying to figure it out. Many are losing friends as well and that’s ok.

That’s why this Issa and Molly situation has everyone divided. We’ve all had a relationship like that where we sacrificed our feelings for the sake of friendship. Eventually, it gets tiresome and your true feelings are going to come out. In any relationship it’s going to require comprise but not to point where you’re sacrificing your sanity and dignity.

This fight between them could've been avoided if they would've talked this out. Instead, they let it fester which was no good for no one. My mother always told me “never speak in anger, watch what you say because once it's out there you can’t take it back”. Those two have thrown some jabs that were two below the belt in my opinion. Once a relationship is this toxic, it's time to cut your losses and move on.

Molly seems to thrive off misery, every season she’s causing some mess. Normally, Issa doesn’t address it and just lets her get her way which is why there has been so much dissension between them. Hence, the jabs and all the nastiness towards her.

Molly can dish it out but can’t take it. It’s not what you say but how say it. Kelly seems like the only genuine friend in the group. Kelly is brutally honest, no one bats an eye. It's because her honesty doesn’t come from a place of malice. It’s always from a place of love, she just wants good vibes.

Andrew tells her about herself but he does it in a way where she’s able to take it. Maybe Issa was never mastered that which is why they had problems.

If this season has taught us anything, confrontation is something every adult needs to learn. Growth hurts, yet, the pain that comes with it is required in order for us to evolve into the person we desire. Honesty doesn’t always have to be cruel. People misconstrue being real for hating and it doesn’t have to be like that. Do you think that this relationship can be salvaged? I

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