Is Hip-Hop Ready For Androgyny?


Masculinity in hip-hop has been a repeated topic in recent years, which has resulted in countless memes. The older generation thinks that the new generation is bat shit crazy. While the new generation is beyond frustrated because the old heads don't understand. 

 This brings me to my latest subjects. Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert are two very flamboyant, yet unapologetic men in an arena where that’s frowned upon. Flashback twenty years ago, there were men who were just as flamboyant. Prince and Larry Blackmon of Cameo are the ones who come to mind. No one ever questioned them before they reached their legendary status. Why won’t we let these two brothers do the same? Quite a bit of people feel that they suck but I feel it’s a generational thing. It’s the same way our parents felt about our music. Give them a chance to develop their craft. 

Their fashion sense makes you scratch your head at times, but this isn't 1995. None of the men wear baggy jeans anymore. This generation wears pants that actually fit, a little too much at times.  

One of the reasons why I rock with Uzi is because he made it cool to be black and weird. Black kids being punk rockers collectively. That normally doesn’t happen, it's usually the one black kid with all white friends. Yachty and Uzi are their true selves which is commendable. You can tell that they're just two kids having fun. 

The hate these two receive I believe is unfair, especially since most have no real reason why. Most people when asked why they hate these two, it’s the same reason: mumbling. There are a lot of rappers who mumble like Kodiak Black, Blac Youngsta, 21 Savage etc. So this is contradictory. Is it because these rappers are more hard than the ones previously mentioned? 


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