Jay-z VS Everybody

Ever since that picture of Jay-z sitting down with Roger Goodell hit the net, people have gone ape shit.

 Excuse the language of that last sentence, but this article is going to be my most vocal piece. I’ve tried to refrain from touching on this subject; except everyone is talking about it! Everyone has an opinion and people are pissed! There are some people who support Jay-z because they know that, in order to evoke change, you have to sit with the devil.   

People are really missing the bigger picture of the issues at hand. Emotions are raging right now, and it would be really insensitive for me to name call so, I'll try another approach at this. For my “woke” individuals, don’t kill me, please. 

The NFL is a billion-dollar business! Billion is an exorbitant amount of money, but we are part of the blame because it's made off our backs. If you drive around your local neighborhood, there is a group of black boys preparing themselves to become the next superstar. This is a major problem in our community: the only way to amass wealth is to become a sports superstar or rapper.  

There are other ways to make millions without dribbling a ball or dribbling on a mic. Take Supa Cent, for example (self-made MUA); Dr. Jessica Clemons (New York-based psychiatrist who’s debunking mental health in the black community); Tamara Hall (broadcast journalist). These are black millionaires who aren't in the entertainment sector, so this further proves my point that it’s possible. There has to be some accountability on our part -- we can’t put this all on white people. The league is primarily made of black bodies with white bodies in charge of the day-to-day actions of the league; hence, the harsh, swift action against black players when they decided to voice their opinions on current events.  

In short, it would cost league owners way too much money to let players voice their personal opinions/beliefs/stances. Not to mention, the main demographic for the NFL is white males.  It’s been stated that 77% of NFL fans are Caucasian, compared to 15% being African-American/Black and 8% being Hispanic. I checked quite a few sources and the numbers were consistent. I’m not saying black people don’t attend games, but let’s be realistic here--the majority of those fans are white guys. (insert gif) Now, here’s the real dilemma: the NFL is almost 70 percent black! We can’t tell these men not to do their jobs.  

There has to be a practical and realistic solution that we can come up with. I do agree that the yelling obscenities and spewing hate is old and overrated. The people who engage in such actions are the first ones to turn that game on. Jay-Z isn’t a novice when it comes to navigating through the waters of racists. So, I’m eager to see what he cooks up. The only thing that just doesn’t sit right with me is there were two other black entrepreneurs who were in the same position. Yet, they just magically vanished. This came at a time during reelection for Trump. The timing is super suspect; everything about this just seems off.

I wish people would remember the original reason why Kaepernick started kneeling in the first place.  He wanted to bring attention to the injustices that minorities face. Veterans told him that this was the most appropriate form to protest. The only people who have a problem with this are bigots. Kaepernick challenged people’s morals and forced them to be held accountable for their actions. Some weren’t able to handle the reflection coming back at them; hence, the negative press every time his name is mentioned. The truth makes liars uncomfortable.  

When we look back years from now, we have to decide: what side of history do you want to be on? Journalist Jemele Hill wrote about this issue as well, and we share similar concerns. Yet, we’ve heard countless times that to evoke real change, we have to fraternize with our adversaries. So, do I trust Hov’s judgment? To be honest I really don’t care. My son wouldn’t be playing football because football, in my opinion, is modern-day slavery. The benefits don’t outweigh the issues centered in and around the NFL franchise.


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