Met Gala

It’s Met Gala time again and listed below are some of the looks donned by the attendants. I’ll list my top ten of who I thought brought it. Some of my favorite celebs didn’t show up which made me a little salty because those are the ones who in my fashion icon list. Comment on which one you think is the best: 


A real-life princess, she always knocks it out the park with her looks. It’s no surprise that she’s dressed by Tommy Hilfiger considering she’s the face of the brand. This dress came with all theatrics, it even had lights in it. 


Came with the gams on full display! Looking like a jeweled dream in Atelier Versace. 

Elle Fanning: 

This look by Miu Miu was one of my favorites from tonight. It was a combo of 60’s and 70’s mashup with gaudy nails. 

Jared Leto 

 He’s a man who isn't afraid to push the envelope. Every award show I know he’s going to be wearing a conversational piece. This ensemble by Gucci accompanied with a replica of his own head! 

Harry Styles 


Took the androgynous route in Gucci. He’s on a chair this year and some might consider this look a little safe.  Ruffles are something that isn’t seen on men so that’s risky? Right? What do you

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Now she has always been extra AF! If you expected anything less from her, then you’re insane.  Her outfits remind me of Miss Frizzle from Magic School Bus and she wears those types of getups every day. Moschino is the designer who helped curate this look for her. Some might find it annoying but I can appreciate her uniqueness.  

Lady Gaga 

 Mama Monster is back! She’s another celeb who is extra AF! She’s another chair member for this year's Met and the look was created by Brandon Maxwell. Which included accessories from the ’90s and numerous looks built into one.

Lupita Nyong'o

She rarely misses the mark! This lady has turned into one of the fashion's world it girl. For this year's Met Gala she channeled Marie Antoinette. Where she added some melanin drip seasoned with some shea butter.


It's the first time she's on the Met carpet and she went with a monochromatic theme. Normally this can be snoozefest but she pulled the all red off nicely.

Ashley Graham

Our plus size diva arrived in Gucci from head to toe. This is the Dapper Dan collection from Gucci. She opted to go without pants to rock bejeweled stockings.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Now Obenjii lit Twitter on fire with this outfit! The irony is that this was a last minute decision, he wasn't even going to wear that outfit. According to the design house of Thom Browne, there was another suit for this night. Did he nail it? 

Omari Hardwick

Another of Dapper Dan's creations! For menswear, this used to be considered daring but times have changed. I love the risk he took because it's not too often that you see a green suit.

Janelle Monae

Not only did she rock her signature colors! She rocked them with pizazz! I love everything about this and her blinking boob!


This was one of Mrs. Wilson's looks, wore two this night. She wore natural hair for both of them! To do that at Met Gala is bold, it's just now getting accepted in mainstream media.

Gigi Hadid

This ice queen here! That's the first thing I thought of, was that I'm freezing all you haters!

Below are other looks that I love! Comment with your faves!



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