Monique's Netflix Drama







Monique has caused quite a stir on social media lately.  She posted a video on Instagram venting her frustrations of not getting the contract she felt worthy of. Netflix offered her a contract worth half a million dollars. While most would be elated to receive such a payout, it’s easy to understand why she’s upset. 

Imagine putting twenty years into a career, only to be demoted in pay because you’ve aged is the biggest slap in the face. That must've been a heartbreaking feeling when she sat in the Netflix corporate offices. When she explained her reasons why she wanted more. They weren’t well received because it wasn’t articulated clearly.

She used her black peers as reasoning for a bigger payday. It was acknowledged that she’s not established as them. In the same token what these men asked for it was respected and not mocked. Amy Schumer argued for a bigger payday and it is given. So, the question must be asked why must black women settle? Wanda Sykes stated that she was offered an even smaller payout.

Monique brought up a good point if black women continue to take these types of things laying down. What will it do for the next line of comediennes? Which was a valid concern to bring up in today's climate with the feminist movements. This is another example of women not sticking together. Men already have longevity in the entertainment industry while women don’t get to enjoy this luxury.

Hopefully, Monique can garner a better deal elsewhere to show Netflix what they missed out on.  America is a capitalist nation meaning she should stop groveling in the rejection. She needs to make the world remember why we love her. It’s no different than what Spike Lee did with “Kings of Comedy”. He earned the worlds respect with his success. So, honestly speaking there is no need for a boycott just put up or shut up.

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