My Time In Jamaica

I finally got a chance to visit Jamaica and it was everything. Every time I tried to go it was way too pricey. I had a bomb ass travel agent who was able to get my flight and travel accommodations for a great price. The hotel I stayed at was gorgeous, far but gorgeous. I stay at the Grand Palladium which is Lucera, Jamaica which is in between Montego Bay and Negril, Jamaica. So, whenever I wanted to leave the resort it was a $100 cab ride.

The upside to this was having everything you needed at the resort. Not only that there were excursion specialists at the resort to assist you. So, you'll never be bored. I was able to score a pretty nice package for $550 which included five days worth of activities. This also included the transportation, food and alcohol. I mean who doesn't love food and alcohol?

Here’s the resort:


The foyer of our room, in addition to the view from our balcony

I miss walking by this pool, it's so beautiful at night.

Ackee, brown stewed chicken is an unconventional breakfast for some. For others it's the standard.


This mixed with soul food is the best way to eat. If I could learn how to make these signature dishes. I'd be be truly content.

Riding through these hills and countryside was the most exhilarating thing ever. Doing this excursion gave me a chance to see this country in a different light.  Riding through the hills gave me a chance to see the locals experiencing the quality of life many Jamaicans brag about which is peace. This thought can reasonate with many who've traveled before, it's beautiful to see people who exist.

Relaxing while we start our next activity, views like these never get old.

 Here's a video of me at Dunns River Falls, which is something I recommend. It's a strenuous excursion. So, if you're not in the best shape physically I'd use caution. I'm no gym but I was able to keep up.



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