Nick Bosa is A problematic Pick

Now that the fanfare has settled with the NFL draft, there are some things I can get off my chest. It’s no secret that the NFL is overtly racist, but I thought for sure the LGBT would have the black community’s back on these issues that I’m going to list. Especially since the San Francisco 49 's newest draft pick has managed to insult two communities at one time. I guess ignorance and hateful rhetoric are the new wave. Trump didn’t learn his lesson with the Charlottesville, only way he’ll learn is if it hits his pockets majorly. Or if he loses someone then he’ll have no choice but condone this behavior. 


The San Francisco 49’s drafted a proud Trump supporter named Nick Bosa which is odd for a myriad of reasons. California is known for being a liberal area and gay friendly.  He supported an ignorant post like this “f*ck queers”, which genius in management thought bringing him there was smart? San Francisco has one of the biggest gay populations. Before you say gays don’t watch football, it’s America's number one sport for a reason. Trump supporter’s main issue with Kaepernick was that he was disrupting America’s favorite past time.  Bosa even tried to deny bashing Kaepernick, even though there was actual proof that could be furnished. Then he bashed Beyoncé in the process and only retracted his opinion because he was going pro.  

Bosa has even called Trump and Reagan the GOATs, for white people I can totally understand these feelings. For minorities it’s a totally different story, Reaganomics wasn’t beneficial for the black or brown.   With Reaganomics it cut a lot of social programs that were really beneficial to minorities.  There is a quote by Reagan stating, “I tried hard to win a friendship among blacks, but couldn’t do it. I talked to black leaders after my election in 1980, and they went out and criticized me in horrible ways.” For this, Reagan admitted, he said “to hell with ‘em.”  So, Reagan feelings were hurt and his response was to act like a vengeful ex.  

These are the people that Bosa admires, so 49’s organization this is the man you're choosing to be one of the leaders? This is problematic on so many levels, the NFL players are primarily black. Meaning that if one of the piss you off you're not going to block for them? You never know what’s going through a person’s mind when they’re pissed off. That’s just a recipe for disaster in my eyes, a racist is racist. Tom Brady supports Trump; do you see him doing idiotic things like this? 

The NFL rewarding this coward for his problematic behavior further illustrates white privilege. A man of color would've been able to say these things and get away with it. He wouldn’t have had the luxury of saying he was young. It would’ve been you’re an idiot, “you knew better”, dreams vanished. Bosa’s political views are his and entitled to have. Please don’t misconstrue this as an attack on his love affair for Trump.  It’s an attack because he’s being awarded for being a racist and conveying the total opposite of NFL preaches. Most of the fans won’t care until he underperforms then he’ll feel ramifications of his actions. It’s been rumored that Shanahan and Lynch are butting heads, it’ll be hilarious if this dude is a draft bust. Quite honestly ashamed to say this clown is from my home state but I would be remiss if I don’t call out BS on people. 

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